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Lena Seikaly 




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Tatiana Eva-Marie 

パリ,スイスそして現在は米国N.YでAvalon Jazz Bandのリードシンガーとして活躍中.

Tatiana is a singer and actress living in New York City. She was named “one of the best singers around” by the Wall Street Journal and was included in Vanity Fair’s list of rising jazz stars, alongside Cyrille Aimée and Cécile McLorin Salvant. Tatiana is the lead singer of the Gypsy-French Avalon Jazz Band.

source of a quote : http://www.upfrontny.com/ny-entertainer-of-the-week-tatiana-eva-marie/

Moon Girl from Prototypes Productions on Vimeo.

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Jenny Chi 

Jenny Chi, of Swiss and Chinese origins, discovered Bossa Nova in the early nineties for the first time in her father's record collection. From then on, she was fascinated by the 50s style of Rio de Janeiro, and eventually went on to live in Brazil where she took lessons in singing and percussion in Rio and São Paulo. As lead singer, Jenny has made numerous concert appearances over the years in Switzerland, Italy and Brazil, especially with her own band ChiBossa. On the albums "Jenny Chi - ChiBossa» (MPM 2007) and "Jenny Chi & André Siqueira - Live in Rio" (MPM 2010) she performed with a Bossa Nova band and as a duo. After twenty years of dedication to classic Bossa Nova, Jenny Chi is now venturing on to her own compositions, the result of which has brought the best of her two worlds—Switzerland and Brazil—together.

Reference source: http://www.jennychi.ch/jenny_e.php?langu

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Lara Solnicki 

Lara Solnicki is a jazz vocalist born in Toronto. She received a BA from Glenn Gould School / Royal Conservatory of Music, a diploma program where she gained numerous scholarships and studied vocal and piano with playing graduates and artists.

新しいシンガーの発掘した.カナダ・トロント出身の歌姫,Lara Solnick(ララ・ソルニッキ).


「彼女のピュアな声質、歌詞やメロディーにおける最も微妙なニュアンスの理解、新鮮さ、そして知性.スタイリッシュで官能的なThe Great American Songbookだ」(Mark Rheaume、CBC Radio)」と絶賛されることにも納得だ.

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Diana Panton - Tu sais je vais t´aimer marie maurice I marie maurice I 


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Cyrille Aimée / Three Little Words LIVE in Marciac 

この春、来日したCyrille Aimée .
1984年仏フォンテーヌブロー生まれ.NYタイムズが絶賛した新世代歌姫 !

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Nathan Hassall Music's fantastic pop singers 

先に紹介したNathan Hassall Musicのプロモーション動画.ジャンルによってシンガーがジョインする.

ポップジャンルは彼女.ハスキーなボォイスが魅力的.歌っている曲は,1980年にGrover Washington Jr.が発表したアルバム『Winelight』に収録されていた名曲 "Just The Two of Us".


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Nathan Hassall Music from UK 

Nathan Hassall Musicは,ロンドンを中心に活動している音楽のデリバリー集団.

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Chiara Pancaldi 


Chiara Pancaldi is a passionate young Italian jazz singer. A music lover, she practices and loves all kinds of music, from Classical to Jazz, from Brazilian to Indian Classical Music. Her musical style is mainly influenced by jazz and Brazilian music.

She had a chance to study with many great jazz musician such as Sheila Jordan, Michele Hendricks, Rachel Gould, Roberta Gambarini, Jeremy Pelt, Harold Mabern, Barry Harris, Vincent Harring, her vocals talents attracting their attention.
Performing live in clubs and festivals in Italy and abroad she has worked and performed with many great Italian and American jazz musicians such as Cyrus Chestnut, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth, Kirk Lighsey, Darryl Hall, Nicola Muresu, Nico Menci, Stefano Senni, Piero Odorici, Davide Brillante and many more.
She recorded her first album on 2010, that has been released on 2012, for the italian label DODICILUNE.
In 2012 she caught the attention of the renowned piano player Cyrus Chestnut who invited her to perform at Dizzy’s Club at Lincoln Center in NYC in January 2013, and suggested that they make a record together.
She came back to New York in September 2013 in order to make a recording session with a truly excellent trio: Cyrus Chestnut on piano, John Webber on bass and Joe Farnsworth on drums. The record has Jeremy Pelt acting as Artistic Producer.

From http://www.challengerecords.com/artists/1424187617/chiara-pancaldi/